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"No ! No !""Don't fucking do this to me !"

I've been looking at running Alien RPG solo for a while now. Unfortunately, I was never satisfied with the solo rules I encountered online.

A few months ago, I finally came up with an idea that seemed viable. All I would need to to do is to find a way to replicate the general idea of the "Director AI" from Alien Isolation. Simply put, while Amanda and the Xenomorph are not always aware of each others, the Director AI is always aware of everything going on at once and directs the action towards Amanda. Wouldn't it be nice to have the Director AI be the Oracle, an important concept in Solo RPG, and roll a few dices to answer questions and direct the actions ?

A few days after day dreaming about this idea, I came upon the Alien RPG Solo rules written by Peter Rudin-Burgess of PPM Games. The Oracle described in his rules, in the "Closed Questions" section, is very close to what I had in mind and he has a nice way of writing Solo Rules that perfectly supplements each RPG they address. Furthermore, he comes up with ideas to infuse the increasing tension in Alien RPG and provides a few generators to supplement the setting, including a Xenomorph generator.

If you are looking to run Alien RPG Solo, I strongly suggest you subscribe to his mailing list at PPM Games so you can get your own free copy of his Alien RPG Solo rules.