[ A L I E N M O B I U S ]

[ H O U S E R U L E S ]


"So, do you still trust me with a needle?"

I'll be blunt here, the Hospital Corpsman MOS is as useful as the Doc class in Aliens Fireteam Elite. There I said it.

Like all the new talents in the Colonial Marines Operations Manual, the following talent is available only to Colonial Marines. Feel free to make it only available to the Hospital Corpsman MOS.

Combat Medic Talent

COMBAT MEDIC : You know how to maximize the injection of syringed x-drug and can now perform First Aid on a character that is not broken with the same effect. The syringe is the only medical equipment you can use and provides no bonus. While in combat, the stab is violent and the injection is immediate, Stress Level increases by one. Furthermore, as a consequence, at the end of combat, if the character is not otherwise broken, the character is now broken, roll for a critical injury with 1 as the tens digit. If the character receives more than one dose per shift, they could develop a Permanent Mental Trauma, ie Drug Use.

For more information, see FIRST AID page 98, CRITICAL INJURIES page 99-100, PERMANENT MENTAL TRAUMA page 101 and X-DRUGS page 137.