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"Geomorphs are deck plan tiles designed such that any number of tiles can be combined in multiple ways to create large, interconnect deck plans."

- Robert Pearce

I take no credit for the amount of work put by Robert Pearce and Eric Smith for creating and converting the original Traveller Geomorphs. You can find links to their original work on the side. I strongly suggest you download Robert Pearce's PDF so you can make sense of how these geomorphs work. All I did was write scripts that colorized or inverted Eric Smith's PNG rendition so it would fit Free League Alien RPG better.

Original Traveller Geomorphs PDF by Robert Pearce


PNG Rendering and Custom Tiles by Eric Smith


Geomorphs in the Alien RPG

Size, Range and Conversion - Paint.net and Draw.io

"Geomorphs are based on a 5' x 5' grid... If metric units are preferred, the standard 5' x 5' grid can be converted to 1.5m by 1.5m with negligible effects."

- Robert Pearce

In a 100x100 Core Geomorph lies a grid of 20x20 squares, each square is 5' x 5', there is a 2x2 square transparent border surrounding the geomorph for a total of 24x24 squares total. Since Alien RPG uses meters, you can roughly round each square to 1.5m by 1.5m. A 20x20 geomorph is therefore 30m x 30m, which is close to the size of a standard sized block in Hadley's Hope Colony. How conveniant.

I have kept most of Eric Smith instructions for Paint.Net, I have similarly included some instructions for Draw.io.

Note: It would have been nice to totally adapt the Geomorph concept to Free League's original designs for Alien RPG including the ships interiors, zones and fonts. It is however outside of the scope of this project to redo all the work done by Robert Pearce and Eric Smith.

Therefore, these are provided as is.

Remember to create your own Geomorphs using the Symbols pack !

Due to file size limit, the Geomorphs files were split by theme.

Teal, Green, Screen, Print Custom Tiles by Eric Smith
Teal, Green, Screen, Print Symbols