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See page 330-340 of the Alien RPG Core Rulebook. Expand for more info and differences.

This generator is currently in beta and should faithfully reproduce the Alien Core Rulebook experience with the following changes:

  • As per the official rules, on a roll of 10, two colonies will be residing on the same colonized planet. However, on a roll of 12, two colonized planets will host one colony each.

  • Gas planet now have size and temperature.

  • Moon descriptions are now generated for Terrestrial Planets (up to 2 moons) and Ice Planets (up to 1 moon) similarly to gas moons but albeit smaller.

  • All moons are now sorted from hottest to coldest, as the gravity pull can influence the temperature, with hotter moons closer to the planet.

  • The orbital component table has been revamped to no longer roll for moons nor for multiple items. Instead the number of orbital components is influenced by the size of the colony itself, not unlike the size affect the number of missions.

  • Both missions and orbital components will be rerolled for until they have unique items.

Star System, Colonized Planets, Colonies and Colonists will now be named according to the following naming convention:

  • Star Systems are named using a greek letter name then a constellation genitive, their ICC code are generated using the abbreviation of the constellation then dash then 4 random numbers.

  • Colonized Planets are named using greek mythology names, their ICC code are generated using 2 random letters then dash then 3 random numbers.

  • Star System location is randomly chosen but will influence the allegiance and the ethnicities, therefore affecting colonies and colonists names.

  • Colonies are named using one last name of the local ethnicities and an installation type based on the first mission of the colony.

  • Colonists are named using one first name and one last name of the local ethnicities.

The name database contains:

  • 88 Constellations names.

  • 708 Greek Mythology names.

  • 5000 Common names (500 Most common Last names and 500 most common First names for each of the main 5 Countries (China, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and United States)). For more names, check the Names generator (adds Brazilian, Canadian, Columbian and Mexican names).