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This generator is in Beta stage. Expand for more info.

This generator is heavily inspired by Free League's Forbidden Lands Monster Generator featured in the Legends & Adventures booklet. It has been significantly adapted for the Alien RPG but remains very close to the original in intent.

The goal of this generator is to provide you with a foundation upon which you can create your own beast following rules that have been previously designed by Free League.

The size, type, limbs, head features, tail, armor, home, skills level are identical.


  • Trait: Undead has been renamed Though.

  • Trait: Poisonous has a Virulence instead of a Potency rating.

  • Trait: Impervious to Magic has been replaced by Armor Doubled.

  • Trait: Camouflage affects difficulty in Observation rolls.

  • Trait: Sharp Hearing affects Observation.

  • Trait: Acute Sense of Smell affects Observation.

  • Trait: Intelligent remains and will assign Insight skill level (not displayed) or Manipulation skill level.

  • Trait: Can Speak was kept has an ability to mimic language which could be interesting.

  • Trait: Possessed by Demon has been replaced by Engineered (Agent A0-3959X.91-15).

  • Weaknesses and motivation have been kept but should be improved at some point.

  • All range and difficulty levels have been renamed following the naming convention in the Alien RPG.

  • Regular attacks and special attacks have been omitted. Instead, they have been added to the Monster Attacks pool.

  • Several Monster attacks have been added to cover absence of limbs, etc.

  • Requirements for attacks have been adapted accordingly.

  • Damage type have been removed.

  • Fear attack have been replaced by Stress increase and Panic roll.

  • Acid Attack and Fire Attack have been modified to follow the intent of the Fire Intensity and Acid Splash damage.

  • Lethal Stare (Undead) has been changed to Fear.

On stats blocks:

  • Size determine Strength.

  • Type determine Agility.

  • Strength determine Health.

  • Agility + Movement influence Speed.

  • Agility + best of Stealth skill Level or Move skill level determine Mobility.

  • Agility + best of Insight skill level or Scout skill level determine Observation.

  • Agility + Manipulation skill level determine Manipulation.

  • Armor determine Armor Rating.

  • Agility determine Attack Base Dice.

  • Attacks types are determined randomly from a selection made based on the creature's overall features.