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H A D L E Y ' S H O P E

This map collection is our personal rendition of the Hadley's Hope Colony as featured in the Hadley's Last Day scenario of the Alien RPG Core Rule Book.

Based on the 2007 and 2009 maps from Jan Rukr, the maps from the Core Rule Book and the blueprints in the Alien : The Blueprints source book, this map collection features the 5 levels of the colony, each level having its own map.

Virtual tabletop information : All maps are 4800 pixels by 6400 pixels; have a grid of 60 by 80; squares are 80 by 80 pixels.

Following Jan Rukr's 2009 maps, the West Lock has been moved to a more fitting location. This seems more appropriate considering the naming and location of the North, South and East locks. It is up to you, as Game MU/TH/UR to determine which zone is the starting location for the original cinematic scenario : the West Lock OR the Service Structure.

You can also download tokens for running this scenario on our Tokens page.