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Our plan is to release several RPG resources and gaming aids for the Alien RPG. At the moment, we are offering you our very own personal renditions of the maps for the Hadley's Hope Last Day and the Chariot of the Gods cinematic scenarios. The former will feature the full 5 floors of the colony while the latter feature a full map of the Montero based on the most popular ship of that series, the Nostromo. We're also releasing maps for The Thing's Outpost 31 and Thule Station for which we have our own cinematic scenario planned but assume other GMs would like to use the maps to plan/write their own. Finally, we have several gaming aids including Combat, Stress, Panic and Hazards trackers and a set of 100+ tokens, compatible with Owlbear Rodeo.

Our maps are meant for a Theater of the Mind experience and are not designed to be 100% precise. The layout is simple, uncluttered with details while still conveying a relative tactical feel, we like to think that they are very close to the intended Alien RPG experience. As such, adjacent zones, rooms, doors, air ducts and corridors are easily recognizable as well as what can be accessed from any zones with familiar icons. Yet in the end, you, the Game MU/TH/UR, still have the final say on whether adjacent squares, that could form an area or corridor, are within the same zone or not.

Theater of the Mind

Tactical Feel

Map Legend &

Familiar Icons

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Virtual Tabletop

Grid Size

Level Indicator &

Approximative Scale

Maps should be compatible with a variety of virtual tabletop software and can also be printed out for in person session with the appropriate print theme. You can find useful information at the bottom of the legend and scale including the grid size horizontally and vertically, as well as the approximate length of each square in meters.